Plan Your Event

Want to Plan a really memorable event?? Just tell us When and Where!! We have the “know-how!” Or we can send one of our professional Mystery By Design representatives to guide you and direct your event. Make your reservations today!

Plan Your Crime

Want to do it yourself? If you are at least 200 miles from San Jose, CA., Tucson, AZ. or Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Mystery By Design will provide you with a script and the “know-how” to produce an interactive mystery event. Call or write or fax us for details.

A Mystery By Design event is available at your discretion for breakfast meetings, luncheons, dinners (or heavy hors d’oeuvres!) — Monday through Sunday.

For your Holiday party, book a crowd-pleasing mystery! Your guests will look forward to the event, and will thank you for a fun-filled evening.

We’ll be pleased to assist you with ideas for the best time, place, invitations, decorations, caterers or facilities — just contact us by FAX or TELEPHONE!

CALL US: (650) 245-2741

We’re here to help you plan the crime of your life!