How does it all work?

Mystery By Design has developed 25 basic (yet completely different) plots, each of which can be tailored to the spirit of the event. We incorporate clients’ history, product information, personnel idiosyncrasies, company problem areas, meeting agenda, and more, into each mystery event. Our flexibility allows clients the choice of a variety of settings and themes. Mystery By Design plots and actors easily adapt to clients’ choice of facility, caterer, menu and additional entertainment (awards, speeches, after-dinner dancing, etc.)

Designers of Intrigue

Mystery By Design dialogs are stimulating, spiced with humor and wit, are always in good taste, with no unsavory gimmicks. Each plot has interaction between characters (actors) and guests built into the script, and though Mystery By Design mysteries are NOT games, each event does foster competitiveness among table teams. During a plot full of intrigue, jealousy, treachery, greed, love triangles, suspense, you and your guests witness a crime, question suspects, search for clues, confront the culprit. Your guests become sleuths and you become the hero! Stories are farcical and fun, never grotesque or bizarre. Mystery By Design supplies the actors, props, clues, solution. Each mystery can be solved with the aid of the clues — no “surprises” at the conclusion! Participants can be as involved as they wish, but all guests Have the Crime of Their Life!