Why Choose a Mystery by Design Event?

In addition to being interactive, intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable, Mystery By Design events serve many purposes:

TEAM BUILDER: Group together workers who need to find a solution to problems through team work. Each team will need to work together to recognize clues, find the culprit, and solve the crime. Use mysteries not just as entertainment, but as a means to improve problem-solving teamwork techniques, where, by finding viable solutions by working together, the esprit de corps will continue on the job.

Acquaint convention or conference attendees, new employees, marketing/sales people, community leaders with your product, process, organization. Mystery By Design will work with you to include your information and lingo/idioms in the dialog — in a humorous, interesting, unusual way.

AWARDS BANQUETS, RETIREMENT/INSTALLATION DINNERS: Why expect employees/members to attend a same-old-thing banquet, where some guests sit near the door to be able to duck out when the speakers open their mouths! Do your banquets and dinners fit that description? Mystery By Design can change all that! Our events create electricity, make guests sit up and take notice, interact, be glad they attended, and even stay for the speeches (which we can fit into the scenario of the mystery!).

CELEBRATIONS, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, HOLIDAY PARTIES: Mystery By Design can make any celebration an exciting, memorable affair, whether celebrating a ship date, completion of a project, a birthday, graduation, bar/bat mitzvah, or anniversary, a special holiday.

FUND RAISERS: Have fun while raising funds by letting Mystery By Design do the work! All you have to do is sell tickets! Our mystery, “Bid for Murder,” has an auction written into the plot!

ICE BREAKER: Guests will have something in common to discuss and have an enjoyable experience.

DO IT YOURSELF! Mystery By Design will provide you with a script and the “know-how” to produce an interactive mystery event. Call or e-mail us for details.

– We haven’t been stumped yet! –